*As of July 2017 Parnassos konkreet has been superseded by Tellissupp (Bsou-).*

This blog exhibits outputs of street art and graffiti.
Street art I see as something that does not comply with gallery art’s nor graffiti’s institutions. It can be anything that is created as an art piece set anywhere in the city. Graffiti, then, is something that is someone’s tag in other words. Any graffiti work serves primarily as its author’s tag that declares that this author was here and has left their mark on the wall. The art-side of a graffito is not its most prominent feature, though, they also can be said to have aesthetic value at times. These definitions are still open to dispute, they are not posited as definitive. But so far this is how I would make the distinction between the two. It does not make everything clear from the first sight – if a certain piece is either one or the other – but in some cases the truth might be something yet to be articulated.

The origin of blogging street art and graffiti roots back many good years for me. This blog, in fact, is the second installment, so to say, in my endeavour of spreading what I see on my way.
I do not actually approve of everything that you can find here, in many cases one can find pieces that are just vandalisations. But somehow even with the measliest tags and sporadic splashes on the wall I start looking for connections as well as composition and colour combinations. With that I’m sure you can see that I am no learned photographer, nor do I intend to present myself as such. I just upload things I see (and that are distorted by the mediating apparatuses).

If you are interested in more, then I would kindly direct you to my previous blog: Paani Labürint. In it you can find links to other blogs and sites and, of course, have a look at the old photos uploaded since late 2008 up to early 2014, some five years worth of street art and graffiti documentation.

All the best,



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